Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why The #$%@ Can't I Scroll?

12:00 PM Posted by Adam Dzak 1 comment

If there is one thing you may have noticed within the Service Manager console is that when it comes to can't do it! Well, ok. You can scroll within the core program (like Work Item views) but the second you open up a Work Item (Incident, Service Request, etc.) the mouse wheel that you've grown to love and take for granted all these years DOES NOT work within these forms. BUT! But, if you place your cursor over the scroll bar and use your mouse wheel it works.

So what gives with that? No idea. But I can imagine the conversation probably went something like this at Microsoft...

MSFT Tech 1: Hey uhh Phil, I know we just released the software, but I just noticed you can't scroll inside of Work Items. I mean, the thing that IT department members are going to be interacting with the MOST...alright you know what, let's hope no one notices. Because uhh...well it went out like that.

But truthfully, who knows how that conversation (assuming it even happened) went. What I can tell you is that here we are at Update Rollup #5 and there is STILL seemingly no interest to fix this core piece of functionality. If you'd like to join the surprising few of us who are yelling about this, you can do so on Microsoft Connect here.

Can you imagine if this was missing from something like Office? But there is no need to go on (here on this blog at least), because I can only hope my comments on the official Microsoft SCSM blog reach someone on that team.

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  1. hi. still doesn't work with rollup update 9 either.
    it's very annoying.