Monday, March 2, 2015

Management Pack Source Control (slightly more intelligent backups)

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I've seen a lot of posts and PowerShell scripts online talk about how to backup your management packs, how to make them regularly scheduled jobs using Task Scheduler (or Orchestrator), and while they all generally work as advertised - I found one thing missing from them (at least that I want!) and it's Source Control.

Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual Studio, hell even SharePoint to a degree care about what versions of things are "checked out" or updated, etc. Regardless of the size environment you are in, sooner or later someone new is going to join your Service Manager crew and you'll have to arguably just trust they are making good management pack decisions. Which hey - with good training and experience maybe it isn't a concern...or maybe you really just want to know what is going on with those management packs. Specifically, your unsealed management packs that are probably always changing because you're always updating them with new templates, new service requests, etc. If only there was someway to keep track of all the changes going on...

I've recently uploaded a PowerShell script to TechNet which I can only say "GET TO DOWNLOADING!" The script is really simple and does backups of Management Packs only if changes have been made to them. How does it know if changes have been made? It continually updates a local/network path to include new folders for each change in version!


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